Picture: Yves-Renee Syverain
Yves-Renee Syverain, Director

Palo Alto couple Milliardaire & Yves-Renee Syverain began to work for children in Haiti since 2007. They saw developing world poverty and its devastating effect on families – forcing many to give up on their children simply due to their inability to provide for them. Friends and Children of Haiti nurtures and empowers families in despair through emotional, social, educational and financial support, ensuring children remain in school.

We know that children thrive when their families can afford sending them to school. We aim to keep them there.

Meet the Team

Yves-Renee Syverain

Yves-Renee Syverain has been advocating for the health, education, and rights of poor people since the 1980s. In 1983, she volunteered as a student nurse at the Temple Salem SDA Church. She met her future husband Milliardaire Syverain at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, and they have been working together ever since. She is a 1985 graduate of Saint Elizabeth Hospital Nursing Program and Northeastern University in 1988. Yves-Renee Syverain is the Director of Friends and Children of Haiti and Assistant Director of Shasa Medical Group, which provides medical care in the Silicon Valley Area. She shuttles between Silicon Valley and Haiti providing educational opportunities and medical care to the children of Haiti.

Milliardaire Syverain

Dr. Milliardaire Syverain, physician, teacher, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and writer, is the co-founder of Friends and Children of Haiti Foundation. He also serves as Medical Director of Shasa Medical Group and CEO of 7diadoc Health Corp. Dr.Syverain is a graduate of Northeastern University and Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Syverain has recently published his memoir: Out of Quisqueya: From Trials in Haiti to Triumphs in America, is the story of growing up in poverty in Haiti and remaining optimistic in spite of all odds. Dr. Syverain and Dr. Thibaud, and several volunteers bring a medical mission program in Haiti most summers.

Board Members

  • Paul C. Namphy

  • Jean E. Thibaud, M.D. – Chief Medical Officer

  • Bihama Vedaste

  • Yves-Renee Syverain, Chief Executive Officer

  • Rosemond Jolissaint

  • Sherley T. Reese

  • Milliardaire Syverain, M.D. – Chairman, Board of Trustees


We know that children in Haiti don’t have access to the same resources we do. While their struggles remain, we’ll continue to make an effort to help make a positive impact.