Every Mother Counts

  • Seeking support training of medical professionals to improve maternal and infant health.

  • Seeking major support for the launch and construction of the Haiti Institute of Technology (HIT).

  • Seeking support for the design and installation of solar energy system at Haiti Institute of Technology.

We are seeking their support to our current efforts to improve access to quality education, social development, decrease infant mortality and increase quality access to medical care in the Southeast Region of Haiti.


We need support for volunteering in the following areas:

  • Scientists

  • Surgeons

  • Obstetrics/Gynecologists

  • Telecommunication Engineers

  • Electrical Engineers

  • Civil Engineers

  • Agricultural Technicians

  • Agronomists

  • Soil Engineers

  • Trade School Teachers

  • ESL, Mathematics, Science Teachers and other Education Experts

  • Retired Volunteers


Start your monthly gift today in the name of a loved one if wanted or not, and help save lives and advance education in Haiti. We’ll send you an exclusive T-shirt of Friends and Children of Haiti Foundation to say thanks for your generosity.
97% of your gift goes straight to those in need and the funding of Haiti Institute of Technology. Please help and give regularly to make this premier Institute of Technology in Haiti a reality and hope for a brighter future for the children of Haiti. Even the smallest amount makes a significant impact.


  • Support a family in our Education Program by donating $25 per month!

  • Help provide children with uniforms and other clothing, healthy daily snacks, transportation to and from school, and tutoring.

  • Helps uplift the children and their communities; empower them to do better.

You can also support the children by donating Teaching Tools like: laptops, tablets, smartphones, microscopes, musical instruments, projectors, and telescopes.

Education Sponsorship Campaign

If you know anything about Friends and Children of Haiti Foundation, you know that we are working in Haiti to educate children, and help them thrive. Our goal is to help children go to school by supporting their parents/caregivers- but our ultimate goal is to help each family we work with to become self sufficient. So they don’t need our help anymore!
One of the most impactful ways we can support a family is by getting kids into school. Most schools in Haiti are privatized, requiring that each student pay an annual tuition fee. This fee alone is out of reach for most working parents and caregivers who are earning less than $50 US per month. For a sponsorship of $200 for an entire year, you can truly change the course of a child’s future in Haiti.

How far does your assistance go?

In addition to covering the annual tuition and school fees, FCHF is dedicated to ensuring that everything each student needs to have a successful school year is covered. This includes:

  • Books

  • Uniforms

  • Shoes

  • Backpack and all other school supplies

  • A snack each day

  • Transportation to and from school

  • Tutoring and support from HFF team throughout the school year

This coming school year, Friends and Children of Haiti Foundation has the opportunity to support and educate 200 children. Many of these children were part of our education program last year, and have mentioned they experienced a significant positive impact in their life.


We know that children in Haiti don’t have access to the same resources we do. While their struggles remain, we’ll continue to make an effort to help make a positive impact.